InvadAR: A location-based code cracking game with Augmented Reality that will bring puzzle game into a whole new level of entertainment.

Training Mode

Through the use of the training mode and tutorial provided, the user can familiarize how to solve the puzzle. Basic technique is explained in the tutorial while the players can familiarize cracking codes in easy and hard difficulty in the training mode.

Freeroam Mode

Through the free roam mode, the users are able to roam around using GPS or global positioning system and decided freely which location to invade and adding a twist with the use of Augmented Reality.

Objective Mode

By playing the Objective mode, the user is required to find a specific location to invade and crack the code. The name of the location will be provided, but directions is up to the player to find. In this way, the user is required to interact around the area to ask for directions.

App Screenshots